“No Fuss” Fundraiser


In lieu of going door to door to sell discount cards, candles, or cookie dough, this year the PTSA is joining the trend of offering the “No Fuss” Fundraiser to raise funds for the 2019 - 2020 operating budget.

Our goal this year is to revive our cultural arts program by bringing new events and an artist residency to the school. We also want to provide more quality guest speakers from a variety of disciplines to motivate and inspire our Owls. Additionally, we need to increase our budget for scholarships, field trip assistance, teacher grants, teacher appreciation events, and academic celebrations.

To accomplish this, we need help from our WYWLA community and supporters.

To donate, please choose from the option below - or any amount you wish.  Click to use Paypal, or send a check to the front office. If you'd like to share this fundraiser with friends and family, there is a shareable link on the WYWLA PTSA Facebook page with a link to Paypal. We appreciate any and all help in reaching our goal!  What's the goal, in dollars, you ask?  $5000.  We can do it!

Thank you for supporting our Owls!!

$20 The holidays are coming, I’m saving my calories. Here is what I would have spent buying goodies that aren’t as good as homemade.




$30 The idea of my daughter selling coupon books, raffle tickets, or poinsettias puts me in my unhappy place. Please take this as my token

of gratitude for not having to drive her around (or buy them myself because no one answered the door).



$50 I run from the word “Thon”. Here is the money I would have spent on the “free” t-shirt and to pay my daughter to “run”.




 $100 I’m just so happy you are doing this! Here is what I would have spent participating in four separate fundraisers throughout the year.   Hurray!!! I’m done!!! I’m done!!!




 $150 Donations from family, friends, and neighbors who are glad they don’t have pretend they aren’t home when I drive my daughter around   and ring their doorbells.