Uniform Swap Saturday June 4, 2016 10a-Noon

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequestly asked questions about the annual event that allows incoming and existing WYWLA families to purchase new and previously owned uniform items.


What is the WYWLA PTSA Uniform Swap and Sale?


The “Swap” is a PTSA-organized sale (sort of like a consignment sale, but with guidelines specific to WYWLA) where families can purchase eligible (in other words, originally purchased at Educational Outfitters), gently used or like new, school uniform items at a discounted cost from other WYWLA families looking to donate. While the Swap is not designed to replace buying new uniform items, it provides an opportunity for WYWLA families to meet and doubles as a PTSA fundraiser.


The “Sale” is held at the same time as the Swap and consists of our two uniform vendors – Educational Outfitters and Flynn O’Hara Uniforms – bringing their merchandise and staff to our campus to sell and fit WYWLA students for new uniform items. As we are still a relatively new school, our “swapped” inventory is only as large and varied as the donations we receive from participating families. Our swap inventory is not designed to meet all families’ uniform needs. For items not provided by the Swap’s inventory, the Sale gives families a chance to meet uniform needs by purchasing or ordering items from our uniform vendors. The Sale is not a PTSA fundraiser but is offered as a convenience to WYWLA families.


My student is new to WYWLA. Is there something at the Swap for me?


Certainly! The Swap welcomes both new and returning WYWLA families.


Is there a fee for the Swap?


There is no fee to participate or attend. The only cost to families is the price of any clothing items purchased from the Swap or Sale.


How do I drop of uniform donations for the Swap?


PTSA requests that uniforms not be dropped off at the WYWLA office at GMS, left with faculty and staff, or given to WYWLA PTSA members. For convenience, there are 6 designated times to drop off uniforms. WYWLA PTSA volunteers will be available to collect uniform items from current and former WYWLA families, carpoolers, bus riders, early arrivers, and families with students at SAU during MORNING and AFTERNOON CARPOOL on the GMS Campus ONLY on Monday, May 23rd, Tuesday, May 24th. Bus riders should bring their uniforms up to the carpool circle.  All items are placed together in a bag (we suggest brown, paper bags or sturdy plastic bags with handles).